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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quiet - time to get things done.

Last night was a quiet. Alliance plugging away at what it wants to. No intruders in Chaos Central. Trerana still too busy to log on regularly (ya managed to sneak on 2h on Saturday while I wasn't around I see). etc etc etc...

So I took the momentary tranquility to get a lot done. I ripped up and replaced 4 of my 5 Control Centers. I took the opportunity to test out some controlled production on the planetary facilities. This time I had gotten all the scanning of resources out of the way before I did any routing of industrial stuffs. Interestingly enough I have had no losses so far in these batches. So the testing for the cause of the material loss goes on. Further testing: Routing to and from the same storage for the production. Setting up production stuff THEN scanning for new raw materials on the extractors. We'll see if THAT causes any issues. Meanwhile by tomorrow morning I should have all the material for my first P4 run. This should net me 9-10 Nano-Factories.

While waiting on the factories to progress a bit I managed to get a Magnetometric site that another pilot had scanned down but not run cleaned out. 7 Melted Nanoribbons and 7 Wrecked Relics out of that site. Not bad.

I also continued on with reacting gasses to make Polymers. I only have the PPD and the Scandium left to do. PPD is bubbling away as I type and you read.

Speaking of T3, Cozmik finally got all the 38 melted nanoribbons necessary for a full Loki and fit out. So I gave him a list of salvage he would also need to supply and a list of Polymers we were short of and sent him to fetch the missing polymers. I had the rest in stock so was able to sell him those as well as all the blue print runs. I also had him pick up 10 Wrecked Weapon Subroutines so I could reverse engineer the missing T3 Weapon BPC. Luck was with us overnight and I was able to get everything cooking this morning. 1 day 10 h until Cozmik joins the T3 brotherhood. The subsystems of course are done (Subsystem Assembly Array - my tab if you want to pick em up Coz).

So, all in all a pretty calm but industrious evening. I've also decided that the 2nd Loki I've made for myself will be a scout/exploration Loki. When I get around to making the 3rd that one will be pure PvP.


Anonymous said...


Another WH'er making nano-factories. Welcome to a not-so-exclusive club!

Anonymous said...

Dang, no preview

Meant to add that I have had better success routing extractor to launchpad, launchpad to p1, p1 back to launchpad, launchpad to p2, p2 back to launch pad . . . . routes are a bugger to set up, but once going remain even when the quantities for imported materials goes to zero. No noticeable losses along the chain so far.

any surplus anywhere sits in the launchpad, allowing me at a glance to see which resources are accumulating for better tuning/timing for upper level ass'y.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...


Letrange said...

@knug question: do you have both extractors and advanced/high tech processors on the same planet?

Anonymous said...


I currently have 5 planets, 4 planets generating p2 resources and one planet that currently has the p3 and p4 processors. My P3/p4 production planet also produces a p1 product that is used on of the p2 planets, as it has surplus PG.

This means I run a daily shuttle to each planet's customs office and back to the p3/p4 planet moving materials. This take about 15 mins, including starting the extractors up again (23 hour cycles) and I end up collecting the p4 materials for POS storage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the help last night on planetary setup for PI in WH's Let.

Question, why rip up your CC's?

Letrange said...

@freddy Newer ones were better (and more expensive).

@knug ah, I have a slightly different setup. 4 planets pumping out P1 (3 types per planet) and one Barren planet pumping out 2 and has 6 advanced and 1 high tech industrial facilities. Due to the lack of a Temperate planet I need to trade for Industrial Fabrics but otherwise I'm basically self sufficient in all P1 resources. With 6 AIFs I'll have a net resource surplus while being able to pump out P4's every few days if all goes well (and I work out the bugs of what's causing the material loss). Once the nano-factories are done it's on to broadcast nodes and so on.

Anonymous said...


My alt will be running a setup in that fashion, although our WH is lacking two p1 resources. Its a little more expensive in taxes from planet as the quantities are much larger (hauling p1 instead of p2) but you have more flexibility in manufacturing at the back end.

It will be interesting to examine overall production rates between the two characters.

As a note, my setup is chucking out 2 p4's per hour atm.

Anonymous said...

@Let - Ah got it, I was worried you were pulling up shop to place them outside the WH. I was lucky enough to start with Tier 4 CC's, but I'm current on the Oceanic Planet for no particular reason. I think I should pull that up and place another on the second Barren planet in CC.