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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekends in wormholes

The guys from Thursday stayed around for friday. After confirming that the one guy we had a bead on was still in system, we eventually setup a bait hauler. Sure enough he bit (addressing the question in local: yes I was insulting your intelligence, but you bit anyways, amazing that...). So coz switched ships and warped in a hurricane onto the Arazu. Sure enough, Falcon and Pilgrim uncloak and strangely enough I managed to warp the bait hauler out (that did surprise me). They did however get Coz good and solid. Unfortunately we did not have the forces (pilots and ships setup for anti-Falcon work) at that moment to go after 3 cloaky recons. So the plan was to work on that the next day. They had left by Saturday evening though.

Got a newbie over the weekend. Since we live in wormhole space his learning curve just hit vertical. On the flip side we're providing pitons and ropes so it's not quite so insurmountable. "These are sleepers - they hit hard". Extra eyes and tackle frigates are always appreciated.

Progress (with ongoing material losses nach) is being made on the P4 front. I finally managed to pop two POS hardeners in some high sec manufacturing slots and this morning managed to get them and ship them to my POS. So my first end product made out of PI materials have been manufactured. I didn't get a lot of sites done last night but that's cool, I need to get some more PI worked out on my alts. That will be the objective this week.

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