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Friday, June 4, 2010

More lessons from others

Once again we reinforce previous lessons I have expounded upon. Do you remember that little post I did some time ago giving some tips about using scanning alts and the skills they should have? Here for the lazy. We get another sterling example of how not to do it.

Some background first. We get a class 1 connected to our new system (hereafter referred to as Chaos Central - CC). So I scout it out and discover that it is un-inhabited. Yes they still exist. So I get scanning and bookmark a few sites of interest. A few combats, some gas, some asteroid and ooo a Mag site we actually don't have documented yet. So I start in on the slaughter. With the industrial modules all setup at the new POS it's time to lay in a supply of minerals for in-situ manufacturing. Kick off the grav and a ladar and hit a combat site while the spawns come along. Salvage that all up. Get some bookmarks to a corp mate that just logs on and head back with the retriever (Covetors and Hulks won't fit) to do a bit of targeted mining (need a mix of all minerals so I can manufacture ammo and modules as quickly as possible). Another corp mate gets on and joins the fray. I have my corp mates nail the combat sites while I'm busy mining.

Just as one of the pilots is about to finish up for the evening I spot a Probe and a sisters core probe on scan. "Enemy Probe on scan!, Get safe! Get safe!". Myself and my alt get the hauler and the retriever back to the POS and my alt jumps into a scanning boat and burns back to the wormhole. The other two pilots burn for combat boats. At this point I actually flub it as my main was supposed to switch to a Vagabond but with the overload of running 2 accounts it doesn't happen correctly. The alt however is doing fine. He gets back into the class 1. Motors away from the wormhole, launches combat probes, and cloaks up.

I make sure the other pilots stay on the CC side of the wormhole while I narrow down the enemy. Note that a) I'm a little surprised I can still see him on D-scan and b) it takes me 3 scans to nail him to 100% (lucky guess allowed me to go straight to 1 AU setting). "Jump Jump". My alt then gang warps the guys (Vaga and Worm) onto the Probe. They land 80km from the Probe and the Vaga burns onto it and gets the kill. Missing the pod.

The usual question of "why?" comes up. Um... dude... Miners are vulnerable - they will be defended. If you see a scout, always assume there are combat forces it's scouting for. You'll only be wrong half the time and it's always better safe than sorry. Not to mention if he'd been blue he would not have gotten shot.

The next question was unasked but answered anyways. Dude was trying to do a rolling safe using an afterburner. The fact that my guys landed 80km from him was more my fault. I should have re-scanned just before the gang warp. I didn't. The Vaga however guaranteed that the kill was made none-the-less....

Ok. Let me make this clear. A rolling safe is done with an INTERCEPTOR using an MWD. NOT an ASTROMETRICS FRIGATE using an AFTERBURNER! FIT A CLOAK!


Anyways. After things settled down the pilot who was logging - logged. I ran the Mag site that was un-documented, documenting the spawn patterns and ship mixes. Did a trip to market to drop off some blue loot, pick up some datacores and get the refining array and the experimental lab going.

Busy night all told.


blackhuey said...

Incredible how casual people are about W-space, for some reason they don't view it as "real" 0.0.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I officially declare that killing a Probe with a Vaga wasn't overkill


Letrange said...

@catheryna some yes, some no. But those without at least some PvP ability are actually fairly vulnerable. (with the possible exception of large towers in class 1's....)