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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok, so one of the problems IS downtime related

So, using an alt I setup a high sec test bed and decided to do some robotics production from materials I got out of wormhole space. Here is the starting position:

At start

For these purposes we can ignore the extractors feeding the storage that feeds the basic processor that feeds the starport. The important part is that there is raw material in the NE storage (YT-UXT). These are routed to 4 advanced industrial facilities. Two are making Mechanical Parts. The other two are making Consumer Electronics. All the outputs are routed back to the storage. These are in turn routed to the fifth Advanced Industrial Facility to make Robotics. These are then directly routed to the starport. There are enough materials for 20 full cycles of the entire system. All 20 cycles worth of material start off IN the storage.

After Starting it up

This is after everything is kicked off. Note that there are enough materials for 18 cycles in the storage. The 4 advanced industrial facilities producing the P2 materials have a cycle in production and a cycle in the input hoppers. So far all cycles are at least accounted for.

Before Downtime

This is the situation just before downtime. 11 cycles of material in the storage. 1 in the 4 P2 processor's production, 1 in the 4 P2's input hoppers, 1 in the P3 production cycle and 6 cycles worth of final P3 output in the starport. Again at this point all materials are accounted for.

A half hour after downtime

Now this is a different situation. It's a half hour after downtime. This is about 3 h and definitely 3 cycles later. Note that we have 8 cycles of materials in the starport as expected. The Production cycles and input hoppers account once again for a total of 3 cycles of material. However there are only 7 cycles at the startport! There should have been 9!... This means that two entire cycles worth of materials have been blown away entirely.

After all cycles have finished

Sure enough there we go at the end of the production run we are missing two entire cycles of output! Thanks CCP!

My guess is that if an output cycle happens exactly when TQ is down the ouput is "lost", but the input is consumed correctly. TQ these days seems to be down for only about 1/2h And you need to be exact about when the cycle hits. This may be why when I started a cycle 5min before downtime it was fine and with no loss. When the next cycle it that time TQ was up. This time I seem to have nailed it.


Hpex said...

/sycophant haha, excellent breakdown. always seeing the best in the manufacturing situation outta here. /sycophant

Anonymous said...

Letrange, great catch! I was beginning to think I just couldn't get my math right. (You know...female and all that.) Thank you for sharing this and I hope the issue gets resolved soon. Fly safe!

Mail Lite said...

So with a 6 hur Down Time today I hope you remembered to stop your cycles so not to lose the materials for no rewards?


Letrange said...

prety sure they finish before downtime... I hope I calculated it right...

Toldain said...

Good catch. Your math seems right. The specific problem has me a bit mystified, not that its my problem to solve. All the routing for intermediate steps seem to work. Just the deposit of the final product, which isn't used by anything else, goes wrong. I guess there must be separate code paths for those two cases.

Sadly, I just recycled all my extractors last night on 23 hour cycles starting at about 06:00. I wonder how much I'll lose. I only do P1 and P2, though, I wonder if that matters.

Eko said...

I only dable in PI yet in reading your blog and looking closer into my setups I think part of the problem still resides in the Submit button. A week a half ago i started all of my extractors on a 3 day (or is it 4?) process. Two days later when I logged back on i realized my out puts were off balance. I changed my extractor layout for balnce. Now I have one group on 1 day cycles and another on the long cycle; all on the same planet. Since last week I have reset my short cycles but it appears to be resetting my long cycles as well. This reset is not apparent at first; but the following day the time has started over for my long cycles. I have had 2 days + left on my long extraction times for about a week now, not once have I reset those cycles.


Letrange said...

@Eko yea we've seen that as well. I think that these may be un-related bugs.