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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ganked - yawn.

I got ganked in w-space last night in one of my Covetors. Interesting, you get over 6mil for an un-insured Covetor now. I approve. Amusingly this is actually the first Covetor I've ever lost. Admittedly I wasn't paying enough attention. And I'm pretty suspicious that the guy had pre-scanned the grav belt. Dual pointed Arazu that waited for the hauler to be warping in before ganking both the Covetor and the hauler. Ex-goon so no real surprise he destroyed the wrecks and the jet cans. Patient so and so.

The fun may continue since I confirmed he was still in in system. We'll see.

Meanwhile. Although I still haven't actually built any item with P4, I've now got around 70% of my initial 4 P4 items built - 3 of which will be used for the first pos modules I am planning to build (some hardeners). The losses due to the downtime material blasting bug continue un-abated. Some people are reporting massive losses of PI materials due to the extended downtime. Good thing I planned around it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss though I've lived in WHs so I know losing a covetor isn't going to be a massive set back.

I think the "ex-Goon" comment is a bit disingenuous though. Destroying wrecks, cans, mining drones and scooping corpses is very good practice in WH space and not just griefing, which I assume you are suggesting by the Goon reference.

Firstly it maximises your opponents ISK loss by preventing them coming back for loot/ore you can't carry. While he isn't fighting a concerted campaign against your alliance its still a good idea to inflict as much damage to any opponent as possible.

However, more importantly, it clears Dscan of any signs of a fight. Any miner who pops into the system and sees mining drones and cans on dscan at a grav site is immediatley going to think "someones been ganked, this WH isn't safe". Obviously everyone in your alliance would know that but other people in the WH would not. Leaving them at the site is going to reduce your chances of further kills.

I would go as far as to say not destroying wrecks/drones/cans is very poor PvPing in a WH. In space where there is so little information about your local environment leaving great big flashing beacons like wrecks is careless at best.

Letrange said...

@Tal Brasi Oh don't get me wrong, I understand the logic of "resetting the trap". As for the Goon reference it's simple. The Goons espouse a griefer play style on purpose and "once a goon always a goon" pretty much sums them up. As a play style, he continues to reinforce that reputation. And I just can't build up a lot of respect for someone who's idea of a good fight is to go after haulers and miners in general. Especially when it's not in support of any obvious military objectives. *shrug* it's the price of operating in w-space. I knew the risks, I paid the (highly affordable) price. Heck I had spare covetors ready to fit. The most annoying was the extra half hour spent going to high sec for some T2 hauler fittings (the replacement hauler was cooking in the medium assembly array within a half hour of the gank). Honestly that ship had more than payed for itself by the time it died. It's just the minor inconvenience of it all.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Let it be known that the intruders were Hall & Oates fans... sheesh.