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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flying Dangerously

So I get the PI stuff done early and proceed to scan things down. The class 1 next door is un-inhabited and has plenty of sites. Between kicking off some resource sites (means warping to the sites so that 20 min later the sleepers spawn) in Chaos Central (the new WH my corp is operating out of) and doing a single combat site in the class 1 the night began pretty good.

While I take a break to go have some food, I'm just finishing when I hear over audio that Coz is getting ganked but not to come because they've got him dead to rights. After a bit of time while he lists off what is killing him, I determine that killing the Rook would probably stabilize the situation and I decide to intervene anyways. Quickly jumping in a stealth bomber, I redline the nuclear engines. Immediately on arrival I uncloak and target the rook to take a bit of pressure off. Let loose a few volleys and warp off as I get targeted. On my way back the 2nd time I hear we've got a Tengu and a 2nd Drake adding to the fray for the other side. But uncloaking a 2nd time I manage to kill the Rook. Warping off a 2nd time, I'm on my way back when I hear an Onyx has landed. Get de-cloaked on landing, try heading out of the bubble, firing at the Sacrilege as I go, but no joy. I get killed and podded.

In the end - our losses were expected. PvE Sleipnir and a Hound vs Sacrilege, Rook, Drake, Drake, Tengu, Onyx was not going to come out to a happy outcome. On the other hand we did manage to take out the Rook, so the Sleipnir did not go down without extracting it's pound of flesh. Killing a Rook while loosing a Sleipnir and a Hound is better than loosing a Sleipnir for with no enemy kills. 32 jumps later and a fresh body (with updated medical clone) I was back in the Chaos Central. Before I decided to engage, Cozmik and I had written off his Sleipnir. I decided to intervene knowing I'd probably loose the bomber but a) bombers are cheap and b) odds were good we'd get at least one kill and sometimes you need to go into a fight knowing you'll loose in order to make sure the enemy doesn't just walk all over you. Not particularelly happy with the slippy's loss but it's always better to go down fighting than just letting them walk all over you. Had they not gotten reinforced by the Tengu, Drake and Onyx, there is very good odds that killing the rook would have changed the outcome. Worth the try anyways.

Meanwhile I'm getting a handle on PI. Going to change the layout of certain planets, but I'll wait for the weekend to see what needs to change. Now that I'm getting a better feel for things.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Amen brother!

Now I hope my own trip back to Chaos Central is shorter than 32 jumps :)