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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Allmost there

The industrial core of the new POS installation is almost done. T3 manufacturing and wormhole manufacturing are about to kick off again. This time around I suspect I will be concentrating on manufacturing from the market (i.e. once I get going it'll be buying materials from Jita and doing the manufacturing with intention of selling on the market instead of for alliance or personal consumption).

We're currently in the silly season of this update. PI has still not kicked in. I'm really curious as to the reason for the 2 week delay. Oh well, we'll find out on the 8th. Got an entire weekend to get through first.

Some interesting days ahead of us I think.


Angus said...

2 weeks of training to get the skills up to all 4's?

Letrange said...

The important two to get to level 4 are the Control Center level skill and the number of planets skill. The rest can wait.

Stabs said...

The delay was for scaling issues. Simply it took too much work to generate the resources they expect the market will consume.

So they hiked production up on Sisi and have been looking at it for a couple of weeks at the new higher output levels before rolling it out to Tranq.

My antispam word is cryin. I guess it must have recycled some POSes last week ^^

WH Industrialist said...

If they are changing the production on Sisi, there is still going to be know way of know what it's going to take to support a Pos. I've no idea how far we can scale production as Pos fuel will take priority.