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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The rush to Delve mk II?

As I said yesterday, the bills came due and we'd have full confirmation of Goonswarm intentions soon. Apparently they've decided to abandon their current leadership. Although only the goons and their opponents (and all the spies, but then again AMC is a small alliance and since we don't interact with the major alliances in any way, why bother with spies in those alliances?) know how good or bad any retreat out of Delve went, daily checking of evemaps on dotlan revealed that most of the fighting in Delve proper had died down and the heat was in the NPC section of delve. Draw your on conclusions.

I suspect what we'll see over the next few days are a mix of 0.0 politics where the various forces that were ranged against the goon follow thru on their probably pre-aranged partition of goon space. I expect IT to end up with Delve. The question is, with the goons folding as quickly as they did, will IT be in a position to rapidly capitalize on the departure of the Goons and move into Delve proper, abandoning their foothold in Fountain proper? Will they abandon their foothold in Fountain? The new sovereignty system seems to strain alliances who try to hold too much space for their sizes. Whence Querrious? Period Basis?

[.-A-.] although rather large, already control a large swath of territory. And they've got the Provibloc being recalcitrant right next door to a lot of their territory. Their negotiations with IT and Systematic Chaos will probably have been fairly simple they probably don't want Delve, so apart from some systems for their jump bridge network, should they have long terms peace plans with IT they will probably settle for peace with IT. This is rendered more likely by the apparent unwillingness of CVA to settle their little dispute. This should provide plenty of opportunity for triple-A to let it's combat forces flex their muscle without going looking for fresh enemies.

The other part of this is going to be the blind opportunists who think that they might be able to take advantage of the chaos currently happening in the south. In the long run I don't think these are going to be a big problem for the larger alliances to clean up and or turn into puppet alliances, but we'll see how it all turns out in the long run.

As for the Goons?, meh, they'll be greifing someone somewhere in EVE. We'll have to see what they do now. The rank and file and pro-goon pilots are going "wait and see, we've got plans". The Goon directorate is being rather silent at the moment though. All the noise makes them sound like desperate posturing teenagers. We'll have to see where they end up.

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VonBargenJL said...

bunch of asshats deserve this.