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Monday, February 22, 2010


Continuing the slaughter of helpless hulls in the name of science, I came up with some interesting information.

After 130 frigate hulls blown up and salvaged (without bothering to insure), no circuits were salvaged.

10 cruisers (insured) resulted in circuits (about half the salvage).

I'm lucky the experiment is happening with the basket of minerals being so low that insurance fraud is the order of the day. I was actually at a profit without needing to salvage a single wreck. The issue for my wormhole sourced rigs though is that after 130 frigates I'm fairly confident that circuits don't drop from frigates (although they are a great source for the other salvage). This means that sacrificing cruisers is necessary for building rigs if one is doing it entirely withing wormhole space. Annoying (and expensive) but since it was looking like it wasn't going to be possible at all, quite possible.

I promised the numbers on all of this but the spreadsheet is not quite ready yet.


Anonymous said...

thanks again for the intel about this, i find it fascinating that you guys still like to live in a WH space. I was bored of it after 1 day and three trips.

Letrange said...

Actually, I personally am not in W-space atm (in case that wasn't clear - I'm mostly running missions and doing some light manufacturing during my burnout)

But you have to understand that for smaller entities that want control of their destiny and not knowtow to larger organizations for a significant cut of their income, wormhole space is the way to go. The profits are there. There's enough action to interrupt the tedium.

You need to understand that it is the type of lifestyle to apeal to a certain type of pilot. It's perfect for the jack of all trades, midlife style of pilot. It calls for a type of pilot that can switch between mining, industry, ratting (sleepering?) and PvP at a moments notice and is prepared to do so. If you're used to the specialized lifestyles of k-space 0.0 it probably won't be for you.