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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to the Hyena

So I manufactured my Hyena. Tonight I finish making the component kits for the other 3 Hyena BPCs I have. I've decided, since they are currently profitable to make at least 2 more for the market keeping the last one in reserve.

So off to Jita (well at least my Jita alt after a cash infusion and a shopping list). It's mid week so the prices should be nice and low compared to the weekend spikes. Sure enough the observed manipulation of Fullerines has seemed to run it's course. Quantity on the market is nice and the price has still recovered up.

The rest of the materials show a nice mid week slump with a bit of a rise only in Fernite Carbide. Not enough to justify holding off on the purchase though.

Now for some reader mail (i.e. from the previous post's comments):
Do you just purchase when you have the need to build or do you stockpile materials and always have something in your production queues?
For T1 materials I maintain a stockpile which I fill using buy orders. For T2 I purchase in Jita when the I decide to manufacture. I don't tend to stockpile T2 materials since I don't manufacture T2 goods in industrial quantities.
I guess I really should post something in the S&I forum but how do you go about calculating the running costs of your POS?
Personally I prorate the slots based on POS usage. ex: If it's a multiple use POS and it's actually up for other purposes (for example a wormhole POS that you have anchored some industrial modules at and only occasionally turn on to do some stuff - but who's main purpose is to provide basing for corp operations) then I prorate based on the module grid/cpu usage of the module and then spread that amongst the slots to figure a per/h for specific slots. If the entire POS is devoted to a specific industrial use I prorate the entire fuel bill between the modules that have slots (for example a high sec research tower). Also note that for research slots I tend to weight the ME and Copy slots twice as high as any other slots since they are the ones who are not available in empire (yes this makes PE and Invention rather cheap on a per slot basis).
Understandably you'd take the fuel cost per hour and divide it by all available job slots but do you then factor in the various types of slots (ME, PE, Copy, Invention, Comp. Assm., Equip. Assm., Ammo Assm.) and should you be concerned when not using them all?
It depends on the POS purpose - for a dedicated POS, yes you want to make sure you're getting full usage of all the important slots all the time (up the cost/h if you can't make full usage of a slot - estimate based on your projected usage). For a general purpose POS nope - offline the modules when not in use - Any industrial use I make out of it is icing to it's main purpose. Very much like the old sov towers that would mine moon minerals to offset their fuel costs and flood Jita with massive quantities of low end "moon mud" (this is why some of the materials sold for under extraction costs).

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Alex Willis said...

Just want to say that I really enjoy your blog posts, and hope you keep it all up.

Shoutout from Toronto! Hope Montreal's not too cold for ya. :P