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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blink Blink

So I made 10 nice little modules of something. It was more of an exercise. Besides I actually use said module in some of my "standardized" ship setups. I hadn't really put some effort into calculating the true costs of the module when I put it up on the market. I did the usual:

"Humm, that looks a little high, I'll put it at *blah*. That should get me some nice sales."

My gut feel was that it was still very profitable. And admittedly it was not one of the modules that you can just build out of the box with Industry I, so less of it gets to the market normally anyways.

Just ran the numbers yesterday... 145% profit and all 10 sold out within a 22h. Buying patern was one per customer which indicates no buy-up and relist action on the part of a trader. I'll note that I'm not a market hub producer. I tend to like working with the local market and having a wide spread of goods rather than narrow high volume stuff. But either way this represents a pretty good indication of pent up demand in the area.

*Blink* *Blink*

Scuse me while I go make some more...

Side note: looks like Nanotransistors are on their way up, and although I didn't check, I hear Fullerides are headed back down a little bit. Well they were overheated and reserve volume was a little short.

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