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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More T2 and thoughts on the South

Nice! 5 Stiletto BPCs out of 10 tries (my skills and the materials I use - no decryptor - give odds of about 36.something%). I'll probably build one in a few days, you can never have too many spare Stilettos.

Now for my thoughts on the south, we're about to find out just how serious Goonswarm was in their retreat from Delve/Querious. Sometime in the next few days, the payment will be coming due on the weekly sovereignty bill. If they are serious about the retreat to Syndicate, we should see a lot of systems sov go down over the next few days as goons don't bother to pay the upkeep in order to save the isk for their new more nomadic lifestyle. We'll have to see.

Meanwhile the back-fill of my combat skills continues at pace. I can now fling T2 Standard missiles. This essentially opens up the Kestrel as a viable roaming frigate for me as well as making the Breacher more viable. Need to tidy up the Rocket and Drone skills (i.e. get Rocket Specialization to 4 instead of 3 and all drone specialization skills to 4). Then it's up to cruiser weapons and getting T2 medium missile and rocket specializations in place. Once those are in place it's the grind for full rack of T2 BS combat skills.

That's a going to hurt.


Anonymous said...

rockets are too short range bro...stick with gubns ...Missiles are good for Crows tho and they shoudl help you a good deal there.

Letrange said...

Rockets are eventually going to be fixed (hopefully before incarna comes out). CCP has stated that the reason for the lack of AB bonus to assault frigs was that they wanted to introduce fixes to rockets at the same time.