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Monday, February 22, 2010

The numbers

The less carebearish of you may want to run screaming for the hills...


For the rest of you here are the promissed numbers. These are on approximate Jita pricing, except for the mineral values which were local. Note that I could do better than Jita if I was selling the salvage locally.

Link to PDF


  • This was just to get a feel for the feasibility of generating salvage for T1 rigs in wormhole space.
  • Obviously unless you have specific need for a piece of salvage not generated by Matari or Amarr ships, use the Burst and the Tormentor to blow up.
  • Anything above the mining frigates is too expensive to justify blowing up without insuring fully.
  • You'll need to blow up cruisers to get circuits (one of two generic types of T1 salvage).
  • The profit percentage is way down - this is due to the upfront cost of the cruisers and also due to the fact that there was a loss on the Rifter since I didn't insure them to Platinum levels.
As usual, your millage may vary. Since this experiment showed me what I'd need to do to generate rig material in wormhole space it has served it's purpose and I won't be continuing it. The results are interesting anyways.


Stabs said...

Hmm, 2 million on a stack of 10 Scythes.

It's clearly not worth doing for Jita prices, the time involved must be over 2 million's worth.

Where it might be worth doing is if it's hard to convert rocks into money. If you're mining somewhere way out in 0,0 or WH space there are a lot of asteroids but few consumers.

Have you considered doing this with Battleships? Might give a better return for time spent.

Letrange said...

Oh I know that it's more cost efficient with battleships. The excercise was to see if it was possible, not if it was cost efficient. The whole thing being net-positive isk wise was a bonus.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Having been Let's roommate in the past, I already knew he was a nutcase... this is proof :))

Blowing shit up for science is always cool though!