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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The T2 Market

Or at least a small part of it. So, I'm slooooowly getting back into EVE. I decide to do some cleanup and manufacturing runs. Get some T1 hulls built and put on the market. Most sell quickly the ones that don't, I really didn't expect to. Then it's time to get to the BPC collection. Humm 10 1 run Slasher blueprints. Obviously I was intending to do a Stiletto invention run.

So I do the rounds of the Datacores. Humm, they've been piling up. So I snag 20 mech eng and 20 minmatar starship and the handy dandy Minmatar ship data interface and head to my invention spot and shove them in. Note that this was more to clean up my BPC collection rather than analyzing the market and doing what's profitable.

So I get around to updating my costing sheets. Sell or buy order pricing as appropriate (whichever is higher actually). So in go the mineral values, the datacore values and the current jita pricing of advanced moon materials.

Blink Blink...

A quick double check of my spreadsheets and yep I updated the calcs for all the new ship BPC values. Well well well.

Claw: Under cost - buy in Jita
Stilleto: Resonable - buy but building is cheaper
Cheetah: Ack! - build it
Hound: Ack! - build it
Hyena: Resonable - buy but building is cheaper
Prowler: Holy! - buy in jita (about 28mil cheaper than building it)

Bear in mind I have a full set of researched T2 component BPOs and I tend to use 1 run -4/-4 BPCs for materials it's worth heading to Jita so I use the Jita sell prices for the T2 materials. From what I can see there is still quite a bit of volatility in the T2 materials market but certain ship classes are stabilizing at least relative to the current Jita materials prices.

From what I can determine the Claw pricing is endemic. Claws were never the popular matari interceptor so they always tended to be cheaper to buy (as the sellers keep undercutting each other trying to move inventory on a slow selling ship). The Prowler is probably still in pre-Dominion stockpile liquidation. There's no other reason to explain the cost/price difference. Unless there's a BPO holder that's really keeping Jita fully stocked (always possible). The Hound and the Cheetah see constant use. They are probably over priced simply due to being good sellers and T2 manufacturing guys taking a bit of a break post Dominion while waiting for the moon goo prices to stabilize a bit. The Hyena - having no BPO will always stick pretty close to the manufacturing costs. Currently its about 2-2.5 mil more expensive to buy it than to invent and build it. The Stiletto is used (and lost) in such large numbers that it will always be a good seller. It's still astonishing that it's manufacturing costs are so close to it's sell price (relatively speaking).

The end result of all of this is that it pays to pay keep your manufacturing spreadsheets up to date. Know where the deals are and know what you should be building.


Anonymous said...

loverly..those are all ships I fly..except for the prowler for the most part. Maybe I will look into one of them and she what she can do.

Letrange said...

If you do go for a Prowler (and I highly advise anyone who needs high value low volume transport to do so) pick one up in Jita - at current materials prices an invented manufactured Prowler (from a -4/-4 bpc) costs around 80+ mil to make. So at a reasonable profit it should be listed at around 90mil. Since they were 62mil over the weekend - they're a steal atm.