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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't argue, The Mule is right

1st, go read Manasi's blog entry. Back? Good...

Alliance Leaders, CEOs, Directors will all agree, we'd much rather you be able to fly a ship effectively than have you in a ship for which your skills are not yet ready. THIS INCLUDES THE DAMN SUPPORT SKILLS.

One of the problems newbies have is a leftover impression from other games that bigger is better. Leme ask you a couple of little questions: Is a bigger screwdriver going to help you with the little screws holding your glasses together? Is a bigger dick going to help you think smarter? Well?

The truth is the EVE designers are not total idiots (well except for some aspects of the economy as the blow up by Atika T implies). They are however masters at giving people enough rope to hang themselves with. Can you get into a battleship withing 2 weeks? Yep. Should you? Well... I guess it's just a matter of how fast you want to rage-quit. Unfortunately it's not just your character who needs to learn thing in EVE. So do YOU! You might think that all those navigation skills are useful only for unlocking modules to put in your ships because you've heard they are useful. Ask any experienced matari pilot and he'll tell you not only do they have them all maxed, they could use one of two more entire nav skills.

Engineering, Electronics, Mechanics. They all have a place in making ALL your ships fly better, target faster, hit harder and take more punishment. One of the most common comments from people who've moved up too fast then fixed their issues is to get back in a frigate and say "man, I don't remember this ship being this good". The ship was never bad, the problem is that until you get some of the support skills in place, YOU are a bad pilot.

One of the problems with the NPC missions is that they in no way provide an "skill check" for your skills. The rats are too easy to kill. So "but I can do level 3 or level 4 missions" is not good enough.


Navi Yarg said...

You are so right I have learned this the hard way. To the point that I have more fun flying my assault frig now.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

"But I can do level 3 or level 4 missions" is not good enough.

This is so right. Current missions can be OK as cash cows but they are too far removed from what true EVE combat is to compare. How a ship that can tank 4 NPC BSes, 6 NPC BCs, and oodles of NPC frigs, yet still die from 3-4 well determined player cruisers is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Best quote ever "but I can do level 3 or level 4 missions" LOL I will use that from now on!

Carole Pivarnik said...

Wise words, Let. Anyone--especially any Minmatar pilot--who doesn't believe them should come 1v1 me in Battlecruisers or Battleships.

Klokvarg said...

Yep.. okay, now that my obligatory agreement with your post is over, I just want to say you should come back to the blog pack for your readers. (although you owe us nothing) Just like a lot of people out there, I read all my eve blogs on capsuleer. I know you feel you were in burnout mode and not posting enough to justify it, but you in burn out mode post way more than the majority of others in the blog pack. There is specifically a lack of WH related blogs (which is my favorite neglected topic) and I enjoyed reading your stuff a great deal. Anyway, I hope you come back for us, the silent capsuleer readers (there's a lot more than you guys realize) Oh yes, and what are your opinions on Tyranis as it relates to WH space?