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Friday, February 5, 2010

And the parts for the Hyena start baking

Since I have both target painter skills, I figured I'd make myself a Hyena - especially since it's cheaper than buying one in Jita or buying one localy.

Here's what all the mats and BPCs look like before you start:

Hyena - some assembly required

Note: there are two mistakes in this picture. One due to picking the right quantity of the wrong material at one point, the other due to a mistake in my spreadsheet that called for something that the BPC did not call for. Curse you copy/paste (hint: it was copied off a Cheetah calculation and one of the lines was left in). For the crazies wanting to figure it out: all component BPC's are perfect, the vigil is ME:10, the ram is ME:20 and the Hyena is ME:-4

Side note: I make exact quantity BPCs of the components mainly for he heck of it. It's an unnecessary expense and takes MUCH more time to make the copies than the 2h it takes to make the components.

Side note #2: Since an Hyena is 2500 m³ and all the materials fit inside a Huge container (1500 m³). This is a way to ship 66% more Hyenas around. Inconvinient if you have no manufacturer and manufacturing slots at destination, but it IS a way.

And here are the component manufacturing jobs:

Parts: ready in about 2h

Later tonight, when I get back from work it'll just be a mater of popping the final assembly in the oven and later on getting my pipping hot Hyena the next day.

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Mat Westhorpe said...

Having just set up a small POS, I'm just starting to get to grips with the copying/inventing lark. I was considering the possibility of dabbling with Tech II production but wasn't sure how do-able or cost-effective it would be for one person.

You have given me hope.