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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yay, got my Mammoth

And I did it. Finally got Minmatar Industrial IV. I picked up the BPO to the Mammoth and cooked one up. And indeed the mammoth is going to be a great mining hauler. I still don't have the skills necessary to take it to the max but I can now hold half a can per trip. So this will cut down the time necessary for hauling in the ores. also because I am able to fit a tractor beam as well as a salvager I'll be able to speed up the rate at which I clean up wrecks near the cans. Not to mention tractoring a can will be much faster than flying to it.

I also put 4 destroyers up for sale in teon. I'm going to need to mine oodles of scordite soon. That seems to be the biggest limiting factor regarding my production. Keeping the pyerite stocks up seems to be my biggest problem. Noxium is simply a matter of heading down to Tidacha for a few cans of pyroxeres. The quantities of that that I need aren't excessive, Megacyte and Zydrine are readily available at competitive prices in Rens. As far as haulers go, I think I'm going to eventually make 3 Mammoths, 2 of the type that can haule 13750 m3 minimum each, 1 of a "survive an ambush" type with serious tank and warp core stabilizers.

I'm also going to want to work on establishing local haulage routes and some inter-region high sec NPC haulage routes. Also working on getting Battle Cruisers up and runnining so I can do levle 3 missions would be nice. That way I can do the final push to get Standing 8 with Eifyr & co. Also working with Minmatar corps in general will need to be done so I can get the standing necessary to establish my own POS corp in high sec.

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