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Monday, May 21, 2007

Some progress, some plans, CEO stuff

Ok, I finally got some progress on the ship hull front. I'm finally up to Battlecruiser and Rupture ship skill wise. I've also attended the CEO conference and talked about various points of discussion.
  • The communication division is up and running
  • Apogee has not left the game but will continue to be AWOL. Queb is still in charge of things till Apogee gets back.
  • We need to work on fleet movements
    • All members of all corp need to setup 2 combat ready hulls in Teon ready to go
    • We need to practice readyness ops.
  • We need to get alliance ops underway to help towards the main objective with each corp organizing at least 1 alliance op per month
  • Talwin realy doesn't like our impending logo. He has some deep routed objection to the 3 elements that need to be present.
  • The rest of the alliance is now aware of the BIAR's situation with regards to an absentee CEO who doesn't want to do the CEO type job.
My personal plans have also matured a bit for the short term:
  • Get all existing skills to level 2 minimum.
  • Get some jury rigging skills.
  • Work on combat skills now that I've got the hull skills that'll last me a while
  • Once combat skills are higher, work on production skills for mining and refining
  • Sneak some leadership skills in there somehow
  • Get into invention (slowly aquire the skills along the way)
  • Get skills necessary for interceptors
On the non-skill front
  • Get 2 combat hulls ready to go in teon
  • Get a 2nd barge in Tidacha and move the existing transport back to dum/teon for sale
  • Get a BC for mission running
  • Work on salvage bpo's
  • Continue to aquire the backlog of tech 1 bpo's
That's it for now.

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