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Monday, May 28, 2007

The war started

A lot happened today.

First I did a lot of mining in order to try and accomplish two objectives:
  1. Fill out an order that Carbon Freezer setup.
  2. Build my Cyclone.
Carbon Freezer left the corp. I get the impression he didn't want to have to deal with a war. Personally I don't think this is sufficient reason to leave a corp but what ever floats his boat. So I started the day by mining madly. I managed to get 3 of the missile batches done. Now I just need the 4th. It unfortunatly is going to be a bear Pyerite wise. Oh well mining during this war does not look like it's going to present much of a problem.

At 15:55 the war started.

Some observations about the war with Save Our Souls.
  • They definitely seem to be a bunch of prime griefers, especially after some comments made to Cerui.
  • There seems to be a vast gulf between various PvP elements in our alliance. There are the calm and collected ones like Cerui and the tension raising ones like Talwin.
  • I'm getting the impression that the other corp is more cohesive than we are, they are also full of tech 2 pilots with spiffy ships.
  • Their recon seems to be inferior to ours. Not so much in terms of capabilities but of putting in the work to sniff out targets.
Based on the ships they can fly and the ships we can fly, I'm going to assume that our alliance has many more newbie/mid range pilots than they do. So we're just not going to be able to go head to head with them. This means we are going to have to operate in a much more tactical manner than they will and only give battle when we can surprise the enemy. This will be tricky unless they really drop the intel ball.

I predict lots of cat and mouse operations with feints and counter feints, ambush and counter ambush as we try to survive this war and frustrate the enemy. According to Cerui they have set some vague objective of getting x isk in loot from us or some such. I suspect if all our pilots fly smart and don't do stupid things we might be able to operate effectively (the odds of them all flying smart are low but you never know).

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