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Thursday, May 24, 2007

BPC time for a Cyclone

Well I finally got the skills for a battle cruiser a few nights ago. Although this does push the bar on what I eventually want a BPO for, for the immediate future I NEED a BC to run some of those missions. And after looking at the mineral requirements I realized that it would be cheaper to simply buy a BPC for 400k and build it with minerals I mined myself. Especially since the BPC I bought was a ME30 BPC. So I will be able to simply build it once I get some mining done and buy some Megacyte. Lucky like most Minmatar designs it does not require Noxium. So there will be no necessary trip down to Tidacha for this build. Just a lot of local mining. I should be able to get it built in about 3 cans or so of minerals which is peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

Once I do that I'll relegate my Bellicose to Teon to become part of my Alliance ready reserve. Which reminds me we really should add a subject to the forums where individual pilots list their various alliance ready ships in Teon. That way the leaders can get a good idea what they have available to them when they call an alliance emergency Op.

More thoughts on that later.

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