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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Active day yesterday

Yesterday was an active day, oh yea, bippy!

Started off by getting my retriever killed stupidly by semi-afk mining (wasn't checking often enough and got once moondog got out of teon and actually started exploring out to obro). So the S.O.S. corp has wizened up and started tracking us down properly. Annoying because it will slow down my mining op. But go in that it was getting disappointing that they were so avoidable.

One thing I did notice is that the day time crew is much less vocal about tracking down [505]'s locations. This is problematic. When Cerui is Q and Arancia and some others are on we can reliably track the enemy without engaging them thus allowing the rest of the alliance to know where they are and what's going on. This has the added advantage of keeping their attention focused on the scouts instead of tracking us down.

From what I noticed the day time crowd isn't as good at this aspect. At one point when I asked if anyone was tracking the enemy's location, no one answered in the war channel. I'm getting the impression that this needs to change.

Other things that happend:

- My contract worked out and I got 23 mil - this went a long way towards putting me back on my feet.
- I decided to support the hunting op that went down tonight.
- There was a period of network instability that seriously cut down on the [505]'s presence.
- Moondog started out tracking me down in Obro for another easy kill but since I was in my desty instead of a barge, I was able to avoid him. Then Q and Cerui decided to join the mix as we tried to track him down. A belt and safe spot ridden cat and mouse game ensued as we tried to track him down. Eventually he called in some help and they retreated to the Teon system. With further reinforcements we were eventually able to engage in a long stationary battle. This was a half hour plus long battle. I had two ships shot out from under me. In both cases where I lost a ship I managed to warp away after being switched to, but then went to re-join the fight to keep the pressure on. Unfortunately with a damaged ship, the next time they switched to me they nailed me right properly. Mind you since both times I was trying to warp away, getting my pod out was simple. We didn't get through their tanks and Q made a mistake and lost his ship. My two ships weren't much of a loss 1.6mil isk nominally only. I lost two relatively inexpensive ships and didn't lose my 3rd ship (although I had to go all the way back to Dum to get the belli). The reason I didn't lose that las ship is because I had it setup as shield tanking PvE ship. The end result was that although I wasn't killing them a lot, I wasn't getting killed. I also was able to warp out when they got serious on me because I was in an arty rig.

Lessons learned from this fight:
  • Once a frigate is damaged into armor get another ship.
  • I need to have more frigates/destroyers in the Teon system so that when I do inevitably loose one I can go grab another right away.
  • I need to be fleeter on my feet. There is no reason not to run like a bunny once you start taking damage from a battleship.
  • I need to see about a slightly better fit for my Rifters.
  • I think I need to build more rifters as well.
  • I need to try the destroyer with the AB, I think it'll be a better ship for my purposes.
Once all this was done, I picked up Focus and 2 retrievers and 4 strip miners (ouch). I'm going to move one to Tidacha so I can mine Nox in that area and one to Dum for the Dum/Obro mining operations. Also I need to move one of my ratter desties to that ammo dump deeper in Derelik so I'll be able to zip arround in a shuttle/frigate effectively.

More thoughs later

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