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Friday, May 25, 2007

Humm the updates are a little rough arround the edges

Well the 4 destroyers were ready, so I moved them to Teon for sale. I also bought all the missing jury rigging skills, so I'll at least be able to use any rig I make. Associated with this is a move to start buying all the rest of the tech 1 rig BPO's. I'll need to do some extensive traveling for that. Incidentally my new load out for the destroyer has a VERY effective passive tank. Very nice.

During this there was definitely some server problems. it went down for a good chunk of the night.

I also had a bit of a talk with Arancia with regards to the 2 hulls in Teon alliance thing. I indicated that those of us who mine may want the ability to pull in our ore before responding to a rally cry. We also discussed that we need to establish who in the alliance can be a squadron/wing/fleet commander because of the time that was spent last time getting that organized. For rapid fleet formation everyone needs to know who's capable of holding what type of position and what type of ships they normally fly so there is much less time lost forming cohesive fleets. Also we need to get proper skills up for fleet command and wing command so we are not limited to a single 1 wing fleet.

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