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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The other logistics

I decided to fit up the Scythe hull that I had gotten the previous evening.  Between less time available due to other commitments and quite a bit of distance to cover, Sorting that out took the entire session.  But that's fine.  Sometimes you need to get stuff done.

So no fleet for me last night.  But I will be slightly more ready for a fleet next time.  I also have a Probe of rapid warping to help me move VERY low volume cargo around the war zone.  Basically 3 low friction nozzle joints and 3 Inertia stabs and you've got something that can haul 400 m³ but get to warp faster than most interceptors.  The fittings and ammo of most cruisers will fit inside that.

Think of it as the Minmatar version of a Jeep.

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