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Thursday, July 18, 2013

More fleet action

Once again with a new FC.  Going to be nice once I get some consistency with regards to FW FCs.  Then I'll actually be able to judge who I'll listen to when expensive ship requests come up.

When the request went out for more bodies to an existing fleet.  I jumped in one of my Talwars and burned to the fight.  Got in on 2 kills and then the FC called the bug out.  I wasn't quick enough and -1 Talwar.

Still, trading a Drake for a Talwar, not a bad exchange per see.  Then the FC started requesting Logi as I was flying back to reship.  I indicated that I would be coming back in a logi frigate as I had no fit and ready logi cruisers.  The FC made some assumptions about someone having a spare logi cruiser available but no trade window showed up and the call to roll was made before anyone traded me one, so I rolled in a logi frigate.

And after some warping around I manage to cover myself in lack of glory.  At this point the logi chief had assigned me to ride heard on the blackbirds as I could lock them up early and get reps on them faster should a fight break out just after we get out of warp.  At this point a lone harbinger screws up and uncloaks into the fleet (sucks to be you dude).  At this point I have the Blackbirds covered and try to sic my lone ECM drone on the squid Harbinger...

And I miss target and send it against one of the blackbirds...


Gate guns hurt when you're in a frigate...

-1 Navitas and I burn back to re-ship to another one.  Brilliant -.-;

I'm still 2 jumps out from re-joining the fleet when the fight the FC has been trying to engineer breaks out.  Just as I get on field our Blackbirds are under heavy pressure.  I manage to get 2 of the 3 locked up before they die and get reps on them.  Unfortunately the enemy's Alpha and DPS is just too high for the logi squadron and we eventually lose all 3 Blackbirds.  At this point outnumbered in cruises against BCs and having lost a good chunk of the DPS ships, the FC calls the fight and miracles of miracles I managed to get out in once piece.

One thing I'm going to work on if one of those BC's I have on sale sells, is fitting up some T1 logi ships for use in these larger FW fleets.  Also an armor cruiser or two would probably not be out of place.  I'm still waiting on the sales though so not until that.

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