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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Slooooow night in GalMil

Last night was a slow night with little or no fleets in my time slot.  So I took the opportunity to do some plexing.  Not a lot to say about it since it's plexing.  Ya go in, while d-scanning, ya kill the rat while d-scanning, ya loot the rat while d-scanning, ya move off the wreck while d-scanning.  Ya sit within 30km of the button while d-scanning.  Ya cloak up when ever ANYONE shows up  by (95% of the time it's the local pirates).  Ya watch the local pirates warp away and un-cloak to get the timer working again while d-scanning.  Rinse and repeat until the timer is done then on to the next plex while d-scanning.  The only time you stop d-scanning is when you're the only one in the system.  Boring, but I'm not plexing to get fights, I'm plexing to get LP so I can buy logi that get used in fights.

I still say this is lazy design on CCP's part but it's the system we need to live with in FW.  I also say a system that rewards fleet participation as part of plexing would make things MUCH more interesting.  But since FW has already been the subject of much re-factoring in the last few expansions, I suspect that would be too much to ask for at this point.

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