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Friday, July 19, 2013

AF fleet this time.

Another fleet,  Another logi.  I started off the evening with a bit of light plexing in order to get some more LP which I'll turn into isk at some later date.  Then I started hunting for a fleet.  Lucky for me some people recognized me from my blog pack days and I was able to get into a shield AF fleet.  Once again as logi.  Since I still have a rather extensive reserve of Bursts (that I build and got the fittings for at the start of all this) I was kind of glad I'd finally be able to use them.  Except of course since I've got full logi skills the fc wanted me in a logi cruiser for this evolution.  So I traded in one of my Bursts for a Scythe and the Burst went to a less skilled pilot.  Fair enough.

I'm not going to describe each engagement of that fleet as we had quite a few (4 or 5) and there were pauses for re-shipping (never for the whole fleet, just for those who waxed after a particular engagement).  I ended up in an other of my Bursts by the end of the evening.  There was one fight where I was rather glad I could overheat the reppers as it allowed me to save an other Scythe (Fleet Issue this time).  In that fight due to warp in issues, the other logies landed dead on the other fleet and I landed at 100km, so I got in rep range late (other two logies went down) but I managed to keep the SFI alive by overheating the reps.

Overall I'd say a 75% performance.  There were times we (the logies) were on the ball and times we weren't.  Getting in the fleets is allowing me to get better though.  So I'm happy with that.  Now if those sell orders would just sell I'd be even happier.

At the end of the evening I got gifted a Scythe hull and an Exequror (fit).  I'll be keeping those out where I was traded them for use in future fleets.  Getting the modules to the Scythe now that I know what sort of fit the FC wants should be a snap.

Excellent evening with GalMil all told.

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