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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Re-fit time

So after loosing 3 Breachers and generally disliking the lack of performance, I have come to the conclusion that my current Breacher fit is made with absolute fail.  Not surprising since this is the first time I fly them since they've gotten the revamp.  I went with a more traditional buffer tanked kitting setup and it was just in-effective with the current meta.  So changes there.

The two Brutix Navy Issues have now sold so it's time to revamp my hull selection a bit.  Obviously I'm going to need more T1 logi hulls, so that's a priority.  3 Hulls incoming there.

As for the Breacher  I'm only keeping 2 hulls on hand for the new fit.  We'll see how it works out.

My Burst fit is fine once I switch the prop currently has mod it has.  My Navitas fit is fine, I'm just going thru them at a decent clip (to be expected) so I'll just want to build a new batch of those (4 more).

I like my Talwar fit so no changes there.

I'm not sure what to do with my Rifter fit.  It's not total fail but it's not great either.  I think I need to re-think it some more.  It would be fine for shield fleets but GalMil does not run enough of those.  So either re-fit as a passive armor tank setup (useful for armor fleets) or go to some active shield boosting setup (for 1v1).  I think I'll just expend the rest of them in combat and see which way I'm leaning once the last of the current ones is gone.

I think I'll also change my slasher into two separate fits.  One for tackle and one for plexing.  Where I'm only going to keep 2 hulls for plexing (one active and one reserve), and the rest as throw away T1 tackle.   Although we'll have to see if those get any use as I seem to be getting into fleets as a Logi pilot more often than not.

That pretty much covers my "ready hulls" situation near the warzone.  We'll see how the change-up works.

Regarding Opsec on this information.  There have been enough loss mails on my part that most of this can be figured out by the squids if they really really wanted to examine my loss history on eve-kill.  Most of the above should be blindingly obvious to any squid analyst and I'm mostly blogging this so that people get a feel for the way I prepared for and how I keep myself supplied in hulls in Faction Warfare.

As always there is some stuff I won't blog about if I feel I need to keep it away from general knowledge (or it hasn't showed up on a loss mail yet).

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