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Monday, December 5, 2011

Fuel Block BPO

The fuel block BPOs are cooking nicely.  They should be ready by the end of the night Tuesday.  I finally got all my researchers able to remote research properly so I can sit them on the planets where they do PI (well in the stations in said systems anyways) and simply so the research remotely x numbers of jumps away.  Rather convenient the system with the tower didn't have a good mix of planets.

One of the issues I'm going to have is that to get a "right mix" of planets to do long term gantry production, I'll need 4 characters doing PI.  With that I can pump out a gantry and it's upgrade parts in about 8-9 days.  Another option would be to go to full on production planets and buy the P1's off the market.  But that would take some serious isk investment on anything I have on the market on sale.  Then I figure I could get a gantry done every 2 days on a single character.  If I had a spare 500mil or so I might consider it if it was profitable (it probably is at this point).

The good thing is that I'm effectively self sufficient as far as gantry BPCs go.  the cheap first day BPCs seem to have disappeared from the market and they are climbing up in price as the mineral market recovers from the tornado that was the Tier 3 BC storm (bad pun, I know, bad Let, bad!).

Meanwhile I re-stocked up my mineral bunker (depleted from the BC manufacturing runs) and still need to get 400mil to get to the 1bil price point I set myself as an objective before buying my carrier.  Once I get that I'll want to stoke it up above 1bil before buying a pile of PvP ships.  And then one more time before before I consider myself ready to head back to 0.0.  If I'm still in corp by then.  I'm not entirely sure that I will be.  My CEO seems to be ok with my rebuild and prepare in empire plan.  The alliance leadership may be less so.  But it's the difference between being effective and not so...


Knug Lidi said...

Unrelated to your post, but didn't know else how to flag it.

Dotlan's blog is reporting that CCP is jumping the system jumps statistic from the EVE API for WH sytems.

No longer will any WH dweller be able to check activity within the wh at login.

As a former WH dweller, I am sure you can appreciate the significance of this measure of intel.

What blows me away, was that this information wasn't given to the general public, just those who are knee-deep in API development.

The loss of this intel is serious indeed, and will add to the stresses CCP has been introducing to depopulate WH space

Knug Lidi said...

Damn, make that "removing the system jumps"

Letrange said...

Yes indeed it will for those who depended on it. There were a bunch of us who didn't overly rely on it since there was nothing stopping someone from loging out a scanning alt two weeks before.

Then there was all the "transit dudes" when living in a frontier system.

Heck I think one of my scanning alts is still somewhere in wormhole space.

Knug Lidi said...

We depended on it, primarily to see if the "inner" WH folks were using our system as a transit. As we didn't have 24 hour online presence, it was a good way to see what happened when we were asleep.

Its was pretty easy to figure out when it simply wasn't going to be a high-risk kind of day.

Now of course, its a lot harder (and takes more TIME) to determine the 'state' of the wh system.

For those of us with casual WH presence, its a very significant loss of intel.

I'm still waiting for my extra 'reward' for the multiple increases in risk we've been seeing.

Hildebrand en Lotte said...

If you need 500 miljon, why not run a bond on the MD forums? I am sure you will have your 500 mil collected in no time, promise a nice return rate / time on it. And people will join in. If able, you could give some BPO's under collateral by a trusted party. But hey, you can get this thing on the road, not?

Letrange said...


The problem is that being part of an alliance means you can not guarantee timely return - since you're liable to be on PvP ops at any given time (aka most of the friggen time there are CTAs). So operating in 0.0 is usually done at a loss for most grunts. So it's not reasonable to put out bonds I know I won't be able to pay on time and nope you can't have access to my bpo collection.

If I was engaged in manufacturing endeavors or market endeavors, then yes that would be a way to raise cash. But I'm not so ...

Hildebrand en Lotte said...

Sounds logical from your perspective :)