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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OMG - those vikings are listening...

Well the latest developer blog had a most interesting quote come out of it:

So we’re going to try and give this feature the attention we feel it deserves, dedicating a full development team to continue working on planetary interaction after its release. As Team Pi has primarily been working on planetary infrastructure, they will take on the challenge of improving the feature in the next release as well. So when Team BFF waves goodbye to planetary interaction and moves on, Team Pi will continue to make improvements.

- CCP Soundwave

As much as other pundits will be saying "they promised us this before", I have been following the dev blogs and what not since early 2007 and can honestly say I've never seen CCP promise anything of the sort. They may go and revisit stuff... eventually... a few years later, but they have never committed to keep the development going on a feature. They also are acknowledging that they have a reputation for leaving features "half finished". Although this is on the order of "great big honking elephant in the living room" observation wise, at least they are admitting it.

The only danger of this admission is the tsunami of posts demanding that CCP addresses feature x. Where x is some poster's personal nit to pick. Ah well... As I observed in a prior post, CCP even with it's increased workforce is stretched pretty tight for the next 2 years. Even if there was a commitment (there isn't so don't put words into my or CCP's mouth) to go over older content and, shall we say, the slightly less than polished aspects of the game, it will be a while before they can spare the resources to address the "issues".

Still this may be the most telling aspect of the influence of the CSM is having on keeping CCP aware of the irritants in their game. I would like to thank all the prior CSM participants (even Larkonis) for their constant nagging. It may be starting to have an effect.


Tom Hoffman said...

Also, PI is clearly an initial step towards DUST, so that's going to keep their attention on it. And it is not difficult to think of other things that can be done on a planet.

Freddy Facepalm said...

Totally agree with Tom. This would definitely be a more significant step if it weren't for the fact that this will probably have very close ties with DUST, thus clearly it needs more development. It's all how you spin things I guess.

OkamiKurai said...

....I believe you are going to see a pattern here Letrange ^_^

Bob & Tom (isn't that a morning radio show??) are correct. Not that the CSM isn't affecting ANY change, it's just outside influences have next to nothing to do with this.

This is what we have talked about before - as far as their 'Dust514 & Incarna Bid for World Domination' plan.

And I can see your point about the tsunami. But as the population grows (if these features are successful) aren't things like big fleet lag going to HAVE to get dealt with in a fashion quicker than what you said in your previous response to me??

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

How to get Cozmik interested in planets: have the DUST team and the Mektek team have a little meeting about the evolution of the battlemech...