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Friday, April 23, 2010

Monthly Datacore Run

Once again it was time last night for the monthly Datacore run. One flaw in the "living deep in wormhole space" paradigm (not that I am atm) is that it makes it slightly harder to do the monthly Datacore run. Why monthly? Ideally you probably want to do a Datacore run once every two weeks due to the 1 month penalty on offered R&D missions, but I find once a month is enough disruption.

Incidentally, I am aware of the nice little kerfuffle in the forums with the "lack of local exploit". I love how the posters go from zero to internet rage in 10min under the assumption that any development house can respond that fast to the situation. Twits.

The only question I have is whether this also affects d-scan. If it affects both local and d-scan then it's even more worrisome. If not, it's effectively an exposed exploit that will get hammered in due course. Ah the fireworks.

Linky for those who are curious.


Anonymous said...

What is the "local exploit" your talking about?

Also, I'm curious what ship/setup you use for datacore hauling? I'm going to have to get into that pretty soon myself.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I hear Let uses a faction-fit Reaper :))

Letrange said...

Edited original post with link

Personally I use a Prowler. It would be safer to use a Mastodon but take much longer (since the main worry is suidide ganking smartbombers).

Star Defender said...

Agree completely - amazing to see that thread grow to massive proportions in a few short hours.

Will be interesting to see CCP weigh in over the course of the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Mastodon be safer? I would think cloaky would be safer then non-cloaky.

Letrange said...

@Sirius The danger is smartbombing suicide gank BS. I'm the Mastodon can have a fairly substantial tank slapped on it. EHP kicking around 24-30k - totally passive. In a mastodon you'll be able to shrug off quite a lot of things that would kill a less well tanked ship before concord takes care of the offending party.

Anonymous said...

One month penalty on offered R&D missions? What's that?

Letrange said...

the day after you leave an R&D agent they will offer you a mission, if you don't take it within a month you'll take a very slight standings hit.