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Monday, April 19, 2010

POS Fuel

Ok, the weekend was a weeee bit of a write off EVE wise. Our one man wardec guy is back... Oh well all he does is make it more expensive for others to wardec us. Doesn't cost us an isk.

Even though I've not installed the development version of EVE and been to Sisi, I have been following the work and intel coming out of the people testing planetary interaction. Of course one of the first things I will want to worry about is "what will it take to make the POS fuels???". A bit of perusal of the forums comes up with the answers (note: italic = starting resources, bold = pos fuel):

The first item is easy:

Noble Gases -> Oxygen

Then there were the next 3:

Ionic Solutions -> Electrolytes
Aqueous Liquids-> Water
Water + Electrolytes -> Coolant

Heavy Metals -> Toxic Metals
Noble Metals -> Precious Metals
Toxic Metals + Precious Metals -> Enriched Euranium

Base Metals -> Reaction Metals
Noble Metals -> Precious Metals
Reaction Metals + Precious Metals -> Mechanical Parts

And the last item was a wee bit more complex:

Base Metals -> Reaction Metals
Noble Metals -> Precious Metals
Reaction Metals + Precious Metals -> Mechanical Parts
Non-CS Crystals -> Chiral Structures
Heavy Metals -> Toxic Metals
Chiral Structures + Toxic Metals -> Consumer Electronics
Mechanical Parts + Consumer Electronics -> Robotics

So if we look at the raw ratios we need to find the following on the planets:
  • Ionics Solutions x 1
  • Aqueous Liquids x 1
  • Noble Gases x 1
  • Non-CS Crystals x 1
  • Heavy Metals x 2
  • Base Metals x 2
  • Noble Metals x 3
The interesting thing in all this is that we only need 7 input items in order to make all 5 NPC goods needed for POS fuel (the rest are from ice or LP stores). The bad news is we'll really be needing the metals. Of course there is the fact that Oxygen is needed in the highest quantity and coolant in the next highest, which should help balance the needed quantities but still the amounts of this stuff that will be needed EVE wide is "interesting". I'll need to dig a bit further in order to find out which planet types will have which resources in which ratios to find out if our alliance's two wormhole systems will be self sufficient in NPC goods for fuel.


phantam said...

careful as these things arent final, planet types, distribution, and the actual final, intermediate, all may change for release they have said.

Chan Omari said...

great breakdown, going to add a link to this on my PI post.

Letrange said...


So far with what's been done by CCP in the past and what we've ended up with the concentrations and what not may vary but the odds are that the recipes will not change much. Which planets they are located at however I suspect may be different between sisi and tq.

phantam said...

@Letrange, true the ones that are their may stay, but the fact is many of the intermediate and most of the advanced recipes are MIA, so technically their shud be more end results when it hits tq.

OkamiKurai said...

I need to read up on this more, so Tyrannis isn't such the crazy learning curve for the first couple of days.

So are most things that are currently NPC goods, follow some kind of similar recipe, more or less?? I mean needing materials from planets for just about everything??

Or are most goods going to be considered ingredients for certain other things - like POS fuel??

I don't get how things like skill books fit into this.

phantam said...

theres probably 20 base ores/minerals etc that the planets can have, some are specific to different types of planets and will need to be hauled in to be processed into more advanced blends....

its kinda like moon reactions... base minerals -> basic reactions -> intermediate reactions -> advanced -> t2 products

currently 4 tiers....

^^^ from the forum so no gaurantees

is as it is currently on SISI but will change CCP says.

wiz said...

Take note, that stuff is consumed in different quantities, such as oxygen needed at a whooping 19/h rate (with sov).