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Monday, April 26, 2010


Busy weekend. I was only able to get on from time to time. Still I think it was a good weekend overall. Some major assets changed hands between corporations in the alliance (nope - sorry no details on that one - comes under operational security). The parties involved were all happy. Cozmik is back in the alliance, and his arrival coincided with the PvP wing getting it's feet back under itself. Multiple roams into low sec were had to knock the rust off and get some experience for those who had no rust to knock off. Had one of our other old pilots come back as well after trying some moon mining in low sec with another alliance.

I did try to get some missioning in. Atm I'm at 6.36 net standing with the current NPC corp I'm missioning for. Almost there. However last night I got: Smash the Shipyard...



I am now officially even more impressed with the Loki that I was (if that seems possible). Bear in mind that I've lost two of these to sleepers. I think that it says something about being dumb enough to try to solo class 4 combat sites in a Loki that skewed my impression of the ship. However there's nothing like having 20 battleships, 20 battlecruisers/cruisers and assorted frigate (started out at 20 but I killed some off before everything was spawned) to change your mind. Once I had killed the last frigate though all 40 remaining ships were definitely spawned. Piece of advice: DO NOT SLOW DOWN!!!.

The only reason I was able to withstand the pounding was that I use an AB subsystem with a tech 2 AB. The minute you slow down and in comes the pain. Once speed was up, back come the shields. It made the switch to the next target an "iffy" proposition, I think I was down to 16 battleships left when they started getting spread out enough that even at speed hits were getting thru. I did hear the warning warble of 25% shields a time or two in this mission. Nerve racking even when you know you're going to claw it back in 10 seconds. Also having enough faith in my resistance tank to occasionally turn off the booster and let the cap recover. Don't get me wrong the cap is stable on my fit, but the nos/newt that certain Amarr ships do can be an issue. My cap was down around 10% at one point.

Still all in all, at one point I was killing frigates with 20 cruisers and 20 battleships pounding on my 730 m/s Loki. "Impressive". I've heard of other pilots having to bail on this mission when in battleships due to the DPS. In the end I had Cozmik come and help me with the last 8 or so BS (well after the danger point but he had been busy) just to speed things up.

Rules for Loki PvE:
1 - The afterburner is your friend. Use the AB subsystem
2 - Kill frigates first. No exceptions.
3 - Getting webbed is bad - see rule 2.
4 - Move. A high speed and a low sig are everything.


Nar Lee said...

How long does it take you to run missions like this one in a Loki? On my missioner I have 10 days to get T2 sentries *\o/*.

I am hearing of other setups with better dps but for some reason I can't reproduce their numbers in EFT....I must be missing some benefits.

-Nar Lee (no idea why it says Drifter as my name...)

Letrange said...

Too long compared to a good dps setup on a battleship, but that amount of incoming dps would have been very hard to tank in a BS so I figure it's a wash. Then again I am about to start the long 250+ day plan to get all T2 BS weaponry for Minmatar.

Nar Lee said...

That makes sense. I do have to watch my agro as I am no longer dual repping (more gank than tank) now.

T2 BS weapons is a dreaded training list for sure. It is probably why I went the sentry drone route lol