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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Once again CCP Chronotis delivers:

The Loot Insurance Dev Blog of Doom™

for the tl;dr set:

  • Meta 0 drops from rats go bye bye replaced by metal scraps.
  • Meta 1-4 still there so you can still reprocess the meta 1-2 if you want.
  • Rebalance of drone poo (ratios are closer to manufacturing consumption averages).
  • drone poo also lighter, more movable.
  • Increase in trit/pye/mex amounts per refine in certain low sec/0.0 ores.
  • insurance adjusted monthly based on weighted market averages.
  • insurance coverage based on ship class.
For the ship classes:
  1. 100% for T1 tacklers
  2. much lower for longer lived ships (20-60% for T2)
  3. real low for super caps (1-10%) - loosing Super Carriers and Titans is going to HURT!
  4. 100% for T3 (but it only covers the hull)
End result:

More of the minerals on the market will be coming from actual mining (miners rejoice). Insurance being pegged to market values however will mean that there will effectively be no floor. Industrialists and miners have been screaming for these changes since forever. As far as I can see, this will have little impact on mission running (most of the isk from the drops comes from the meta 4 drops anyways and that isn't going to change).

Note that this will have no effect on suicide ganking - which is a separate issue. However this will effectively remove both the floor to mineral prices (altogether) and remove a non-mining source of minerals that was an irritant to miners since the game began.

I approve greatly of these changes.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I hope that a lot of Meta 1-2 mods drop because a lot of missioning ISK comes from melting stuff...

Did I just comment about missioning? I must now cleanse myself in the blood of a target!

Toldain said...

"This means the insurance quote when you are buying insurance will be now estimated and may change if the payout occurs during the next insurance period."

I think this is a mistake. The contract should pay what it said it would pay when you bought it. Sometimes thin it will be profitable to blow up your ship and buy a new one, I don't have a problem with that. This is EVE after all.

Letrange said...

Bad cozmik! go back to your PvP. No supper for you.

Letrange said...

@Toldain I think this is to add an element of uncertainty for the insurance fraud gang.

Anonymous said...

Quick correction: suicide ganking will get affected slightly, as the T1 payout reduces from ~145% to ~100% (which means a net loss when considering premium cost).

Not a huge effect, naturally, but it'll affect using a Tempest more than a small squad of Thrashers.

Letrange said...

@Casiella not really since cost of the suicide gank is way lower on the mental list of considerations of suicide gankers than most people assume. It'll will make the suicide gank a little more expensive but not by enough to have an impact on suicide gank frequency.

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Suicide ganking shouldn't be completely removed anyway. Does seem like I picked a good time to begin training a second account to be active in PRELI too. Bring on that miner love <3

OkamiKurai said...

Wait, wait, let me get this straight.

The Curse is now covered??!! (I know only like 50% but still....)


My wallet needs to be in the hundreds of millions to billions before I can be too good for it.

@Myrhial - I truly don't think suicide ganking will be taken away. Hell, I have been a victim and I don't want it gone. Seems like most people's only problem with it is that you can do it AND get paid in full through insurance.

CCP will only probably make the change of not paying out if Concord is involved. And like Letrange said it won't stop the ganking at all - it will only make it hurt the ganker a LITTLE bit more.

Which is truly as it should be.

Latro said...

I can't see suicide ganking being addressed directly as CCP has stated before that removing insurance payouts from CONCORD action would remove the safety net around genuine newbs who do dumb things. This will just eat into profits.

Speedy said...

I have mixed feelings about this, having a couple of mining toons I love the removal of the meta 0 drops and tweaks to refine amounts.
Alternatively while I agree ship insurance needs work I fear that the nerfing of current insurance fraud profitibility will just lead to a decrease in mineral demand which will counter any potential increase in mining income due to decrease in supply of minerals.

Oh well in 6 months or so we should know the results of this change.

On another note this is my first comment here and I would just like to say this is a great blog Letrange and keep up the good work.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

@Okami: It's the only ISK making thing I have in EVE, and I hate every millisecond of it.

Zurakaru Ze said...

What am I to do without a source of electron blasters? They make great Christmas gifts, polish up real nicely with a bit of Ty-D-Bol, and occupy space in a hanger better than any tech 2 autocannon.