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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some manufacturing and light exploration

Well all the components of the Rapier build I'm making for an alliance pilot finally finished cooking and I was able to pop in the Rapier tonight. 2days 5hours to go. I also decided to take a look at some insurance fraud. Humm Typhoon - I own BPO, 75mil payout, 22.5mil insurance cost - 47.5mil and change manufacturing costs... Leme see market at 57mil or there abouts but sales sloooooow as molasses.

I immediately put two in the oven. I then proceed to put out buy orders for the minerals necessary to re-fill my mineral bunker to the "nominal" levels.

So the choice facing us tomorrow night: Insurance fraud in 5 min and if the mineral buy orders have filled we pop another two in the oven, or put em up on sale for like a week.

I think what I'll do will depend on whether the buy orders fill or not. If they fill there's no reason not to blow em up and have another two ready for the next evening. If they aren't filled I'll run the numbers based on having to put them up on sale and the cost for canceling the broker fee and see if it's worth putting them up temporarly just to take em down and blow them up if the buy orders fill.

You may be asking why I'd be blowing up ships at 10% profit instead of selling them at 20% profit. The answer is very simple: I can build them at a rate of something like 6 a day on a single manufacturing slot. Which makes my maximum blow up rate something like 60 battleships a day (if I happend to own 10 BS BPOs - I don't - and the isk to fund that level of destruction - not currently). Each blow up gets me 10% profit at current mineral prices. So let's look at Typhoons only and lets assume my manufacturing rate is only held up by the rate of my mineral buy orders being filled.

Basicaly if it takes 3 days (seems to be the average between individual Typhoon sales in the area) to fill my buy orders then I make the exact same amount of isk in the same amount of time selling 1 Typhoon as blowing 2 up. If I fill the buy orders faster (which is the real restriction on my manufacturing speed) then it's more profitable to blow up the battleships rather than selling them.

Basically it's a race - between my buy orders and the region's sales rate (which seems to be nicely consistent btw). And I'll be doing my part in propping up the local mineral market. Weeee....

Since I didn't have a lot of time, I figured I'd go exploring and grab a local combat plex instead of ratting or something else that doesn't take long. Found a radar site. Nailed it. Cleaned it up (Wolf vs high sec radar site = dead site post haste). Noticed the value of the 2 decryptors was worth combined 14mil isk. Not bad for a quick 15min work.

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