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Monday, March 29, 2010


Once again it's time to move stuff around EVE. After laying down some mid range plans and a whole pile of meetings, I am relocating part of my fleet to a new area of operations. I've also in the last week invented 3 Vagabond BPCs and am in the process of manufacturing two of them. So I spent most of this weekend either AFK hauling or doing industrial stuff.

I will be glad when one of my science alts finally finished Starbase Defense 5. About 25 days from now. You know it's a bad skill when you say: "finally, less than a month to go". Note that, although not capable of invention or research, this particular alt is fully capable of researching ME, PE and copying any blueprint original in my collection. Very useful alt. The other two research alts are not capable of doing any research involving extra skills. Of course the number of BPOs that don't involve extra skills is substantial, so it's not a big issue.

At some point I'm going to need to shuffle some alts around. I'd like to get the 3rd research alt off my main account in order to permit him to finish up getting 10 research slots without impacting my main's leveling. I'll probably move an exploration alt into that slot from the 3rd account.

Yep I've got a 3rd account. One of the things I ran into while operating in wormhole space is that there were never enough exploration alts to go around. My intention with these alts is to turn them into exploration/cyno alts. I've got a decent plan that gives me a usable exploration scout in a month and gets the skills where I want them in 3. It's just going to be a matter of careful shuffling of alts once I get the first one done.

Oh, incidentally, those Vagabonds? Not for sale...

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