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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ok, my interest just perked up...

First Kudos to Kirith Kodachi for spotting this.

The most interesting bit I spotted was that wormhole planets will be part of the planetary thing with Tyrannis. I don't mind being proven wrong about this mind you. And the rest of it though supports what I suspected that this probably won't be some new source of moon goo as some people have been hoping. It looks we're going to see something that does not interface with the existing industrial systems. I can see parts of the thing being internal to itself (i.e. some things produced improve other things in the planetary production systems). But at some point it needs to produce something that's of value to the rest of the EVE framework.

Oooooo, ability to manufacture NPC goods!!!

POS owners in wormholes just got a raging hardon.


Carole Pivarnik said...

I don't even have a POS in a WH anymore, but that TTH article sure got my little brain to spinning with interest!

Latro said...

That's exactly my theory as well - the long dormant NPC goods market would seem to make logical sense, but who knows.