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Friday, March 5, 2010


I still think there's something broken about insuring hulls and 5 minutes later self destructing them for the insurance payout. But hey, until they remove the isk faucet, who am I to complain.


Big K said...

Would you shut up and keep the money like everybody else who's been committing fraud!? :)

Letrange said...

I'm curious thought - what are the statistics of ships that have been platinum insured and then subsequently destroyed with no modules fitted thru self destruct?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Unknown said...

I suggest you read this thread, dating from December, about 2 industry tycoons doing this fraud on a Large Scale:

(13600 Rokh and 13600 Abbadons).

Quote: just the two of you essentially generated over 3 TRILLION isk in the space of a month

Latro said...

From what I've read across the hype on teh forums every time this comes up, ultimately, ship insurance permits balance. Mostly it acts as an ISK sink, but when the mineral market goes wonky, like now with bottomed out prices, it can be used as a replacement device to generate ISK while removing minerals in the form of the ships. If it was broken, I think it would be easy enough for CCP to have fixed a long time ago.

Stabs said...

Well it's a band-aid for an economy that isn't as fully fleshed out as CCP would like people to believe.

However the alternative - making stuff more expensive to build and reducing mission/rat drops - would possibly lead to a less fun game.

Essentially if they didn't have the minerals floor they'd probably have to force players to mine more.