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Friday, October 23, 2009

Nothing exciting

Sloooooow week. Most of the stuff I've been doing has been research/manufacturing related. Got to kill a few sleepers last night. But we're in the pre-update doldrums. The pew pew guys only really show up on the weekends. I had some RL stuff happening which cut my gaming down a bit. Nothing earth shattering this week on the test server. So not a lot to report.

On the flip side starting this weekend I'll be starting the recruiting drive for a few more mid-range/senior pilots for heading down to deep wormhole space. Next week should see plenty of action as I once again try to increase my iskies bunkers. Probably mostly thru mining. That seems to be the most consistent form of income for me.

I'm finding that disassociating myself from the high sec markets is having an interesting effect. I used to have a semi-passive income from manufacturing T1 modules for the high sec market. Semi passive in that the manufacturing and selling part are hands off while stuff builds/is on sale. The not so passive part was the manufacturing of modules/ammo/hulls as things sold out.

I've shutdown the store (just have the remaining stocks up on sale until they sell out). So there's much less call for my presence in high sec. I've been spending much of my time in wormhole space. I've been finding it... Relaxing...

The plan at this point is to poke my nose out in high sec and acquire some reverse engineering supplies to make sure I have BPC coverage for all the types of Loki subsystems. I'm getting close. I currently have 3/4 defensive, 2/4 electronic, 4/4 engineering, 3/4 offensive and 3/4 propulsion. Yes I've been making full use of my Experimental Laboratory (insert mad scientist laugh here).


Rayne Stryker said...

Sounds very interesting. T3 manufacturing seems very intensive, but worth it, and your life in Wormhole space just seems cool. I know, I just dated myself, but it does seem cool.

Letrange said...

The intensive part is either isk intensive or time intensive. Grinding for melted nanoribbons and having the right squadron to go after the deeper sleeper sites fixes a lot of that and heck grinding for nanoribbons at current market prices is probably better than level 4's. As for living in wormhole space, it is much better than 0.0 if you don't want to be a pet of some sort or join an existing large alliance.

nik said...

could you explain how do you spread profit from wh activity between members? E.g. one player spend a lot of time in mining every day another shows couple times in week and kills sleepers, how can you give to each of them reasonable share from selling minerals and salvaged materials on market? (if you do it once in a month for example)

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