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Friday, October 16, 2009

An Indy night

When we last left off, I had finally gotten enough materials to react some Carbon86. Overnight that indeed got done. I found myself, when I got on with enough materials to go forward with my plans to manufacture a Loki and some subsystems.

Now in preparation for wormhole living I've got kits of BPCs of the T3 components needed for each type of subsystem or a hull. When fresh a 20 x T3 Offensive kit will have enough runs to manufacture the components for 20 T3 Offensive Subsystems for example.

I decided to manufacture one of each of the few subsystems I had bpcs for and 2 hulls. The longest part of preparing for the hull manufacture were the 15 or so R.A.M.-Starship Tech tools i would need for each hull. The end result of all of this is that all 5 subsystems I manufactured are ready, the first hull will be ready Saturday afternoon. I had forgotten that hulls were 1day 11h manufacturing time. But I now have two hulls cooking away and should be back up to snuff and ready to go for sleepers and PvP in my Lokies. Much killing of Sleepers will be necessary though as the melted nanoribbons are now a wee bit scarcer in my inventory.

There was also a bit of pew pew operations. One of my CEOs got a wee bit over confident in his hauling skills and managed to get snagged by some pirates in low sec. Some lack of tackle skill on my part resulted in the Harbinger and the Broadsword getting away once the reaction posse got to the scene. Ah well practice practice practice.

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