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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reverse Engineering

Well I'm finally at the end of my reverse engineering stint. Now I just need to get two more Melted Nanoribbons and my Loki will ride again. This time I think I'll have separate fits for when I go for solo plexing vs team plexing. Hopefully this will free up some time to nail some sleeper sites over the weekend. So far for my loki production I have "coverage" for 3 of the 5 subsystem types. I even got lucky and got a 2nd BPC of the Loki shield subsystem (usefull). The next week should see me concentrate on running sites/mining and recruiting.

I've put a stop date for existing research at the POS so once the last thing finishes up it'll be time to pack up the POS and get hunting for a new wormhole.