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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loki up, Loki down

Ok, I'm starting to feel like Shrike (he of "lost 4 Avatars" fame). Finding the correct limits for the Loki is proving to be a "hit and miss" proposition. Good thing I can build these suckers for much cheaper than the market sells them.

I have once again lost a Loki. Once again to sleepers. Once again to pilot error. Note to self: When in a black hole system, your ability to allign quickly is seriously impacted. Once they are thru your shields 4 sleeper BS tend to rip through your armor in split seconds. Also learning to coordinate with a new set of pilots is always a bit tricky. Still I waited too long to start the warp out so my fault.

Basically I've started running class 4 sites with my new corp mates. Since none of us have worked together before there's always squadron fit issues and ship issues to iron out and work on until we get a good squadron together and things go without error.

The good thing is we went back and finished off the site without further incident (well ok my BW will need a bit of armor repair - but compared to the Loki that's peanuts). The good thing in all this is that the 3rd Loki was already built. I also have 3 of the subsytems for it. I still need to reverse engineer the defensive and electronic subsystem of the correct type to be able to build them myself. But having finally updated my spreadsheet of DOOM(tm), I finally have the costing on this stuff transferred over to a proper isk basis. It even includes pro-rated fuel costs for POS operations. Some interesting facts:

- At current Jita prices (at least over the weekend) all polymer reactions were actually profitable. Some barely, some were seriously profitable. YMMV, depending on the day of the week of course. Subject to change over time etc etc etc...

- The balance between the Wrecked and the Malfunctioning subsystem relics is actually quite good. Basing on a 33% chance for Wrecked and 66% for Malfunctioning, the prorated run cost of subsystems are surprisingly balanced (sometimes the wrecked is cheaper, sometimes the malfunctioning is cheaper).

- The above does not apply to hulls however. The per-run cost of using Malfunctioning Hull Sections is SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper based on this weekend's materials prices.

Anyways I really need to kill a lot of sleepers now. Fly it like it's already dead.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Isn't that one of my lines? :)

You did eject from the ship before losing it though, right? I hear that's a great time saver in T3 ships...

manasi said...

Hey bro I thought you knew.....ALWAYS align to celestial object. Once shields fail...punch it. Yes obviuosly a celestial behind the target is preferred, but man oh man always align.

Better luck with the next one. Oh BTW is is shield tanked or armor? If shield tanked perhasp a spider setups would work better than aligning...

Letrange said...

@manasi it's rather hard to align to a celestial object when you're a close range orbiting AC setup. I may try a sniper version one day we'll see if that works better, but that may give up too much DPS.

Fighting sleepers is a little different when you're Minmatar than the other factions

Luminus Aardokay said...

When going on sleeper encounters against Battleships and more importantly 4 or 5 of them together, it's imperative that you have Spider Tanking as well as a Scorpion, Rook or Falcon in your team to keep the Battleships silenced.

We clear C5 sites with 3 Armor Tanked RR Battleships (Abbadon, Raven, Dominix), an Armor Tanked Scorpion silencing the Sleeper Battleships, an Armor Tanked RR Eos and our Proteus Swiss Army Knife (Armor Tanked, RRing, Tractor beaming, Salvaging, Scanning, Drone ship).