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Friday, October 30, 2009

And I finaly get Metallurgy V

Last night I logged on and found my char not training anything - I had lost track of the fact I needed to put something after that 12 day skill. Ah well these thing happen when you get to the long ones. Watched pot and all that.

The skill that had just finished up was Metallurgy V. Now you may wonder why it took me over 2 and a half years to get that one. Jack of all trades. This one unlocks quite a bit on the indy front, first and foremost that scrapmetal processing skill (which I immediately jammed in the queue) which will allow me to setup module buy orders with great confidence that I'll be able to melt the resulting modules into more valuable minerals (why else do it?).

The other thing it unlocks is a whole bunch of material research on such BPOs as oh say T2 components and what not. That eeeeebil protoype cloaking device that has been staring me in the face and laughing at my puny research skills. I will be able to get it to 20/20 now.

Not to mention get the specific T2 component BPOs to perfect for the components that the cloak uses.

Now it's time once again to get back to combat skills. I really need to finish getting some T2 drone skills up to IV, and get the missile section of the skill tree up to snuff. I'd like my stealth bombers to actually be able to launch bombs and all that.


Cal said...

Letrange, remember that the Bomb pre-reqs are going to be changed in Dominion. Most notably, you will only need Missile Bombardment IV as opposed to V. Might be worth waiting training that skill, if you aren't in dire need of bombs right away.

Letrange said...

true but I need to get the rest of the missile support skills up to snuff as well so that one may only end up getting finished in dominion.

I really do need tech 2 small and medium missile skills as well as rocket skills.