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Thursday, October 15, 2009

mmmm, cooking up a Loki

Due to various reasons, mostly the inability to string a long enough session together, I haven't been able to hit a Core Reservoir for a bit now. That all changed yesterday afternoon. One of my alliance pilots needed to vent his frustration at having a class 5 wormhole system pop next door to the Grotto. So he contacted me with a message on Skype while I was at work. Great now the two of us were frustrated. After checking wormhole durations and estimated spawn time (I asked him, didn't log on), I told him to schedule an op for when I would be getting back from work, since a good chunk of our gas miners would be on by then.

Further exploration revealed 3 core Reservoirs... Chomping at the bit I kept plugging away at work. Some coordination with the scorpion pilot to make sure he'd be online for the op and we were set.

After grabbing some food on the way home, I jumped in game and imediatelly grabbed my battleship after confirming that a corp pilot was at the wormhole to high sec (I was in a different wormhole system). Some scanning in the grotto itself revealed that I had 19 jumps to go to join them so I got a burn on. Some quick conversing while I was in transit allowed me to confirm that a matari gas mining vessel appropriate to my skill level would be ready by the time I got there. The POS owner just needed to re-purpose one of the salvage destroyers they had on hand.

By the time I got there the final strike force was gathered and in the final stages of preparation. Off we went to the gas sites next door. The strike force consisted of a Dominix, a Scorpion, two Drakes and my Maelstrom, with remote shield repping on the 3 BS. So we then tackle the 3 sites like a well oiled machine. Without the scorpion we would probably have been a little short of remote repping power for the two close range sleeper battleships. As it was we were fine and the two advanced sleeper battleships at the first and second sites went down by the numbers.

It turns out the 3rd site was bugged not having any gas or sleepers. Ah well.

Once this was all salvaged up it was time for the gas mining to begin. Plenty of battlecruisers with one of the 5 of us hauling with an alt and me in my loaned Thrasher worked out fine. My share of the 12000 units of Fullerite-c320 and 1000 units of Fullerite-c540 made the trip well worth it. Even the extra hour for hauling the stuff back to my current wormhole. Basically, at current Jita prices we made about 900mil in 4h between the 5 of us. Of course most of this is going straight into our respective T3 projects instead of on the market but that still represents 175mil for 4h of the op... each... or 46mil an hour. Note that except for myself who was further away, this includes most of the opportunity costs of an op like this (I.e. mostly gathering the forces). Well worth doing.

By the time I logged off I had the reactor going full blast getting me my carbon86. By tomorrow night I should have a Loki again. I may need to buy a subsystem or two off the market to get the exact fit I want on that first Loki, but I should be able to build a second one right away from stockpiles.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Sweet man !!!

Is the new Loki going to be slightly different from the one you lost or are you keeping the same fit?

Letrange said...

might be slightly different but I kinda liked that fit so we'll see. The 2nd one will be pure PvP though.

Unknown said...

After checking wormhole durations and estimated spawn time


how do you check for these?