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Friday, June 6, 2008


It's been a while. Been working on the mining skills for the nonce. I can use most tech 1 mining crystals in a tech 2 strip miner now. I finally got the 4th level of the Mining upgrade skill, so can put tech 2 Mining Laser Upgrades in my mining ships. I can use tech 2 Veldspar mining crystals.

I got MMC finally above 6.7 and have moved my missioning hub from Uttindar to Pator (there being no decent high sec level 3 agents with Republic Security Services. Changed my salvaging destroyer for a salvaging battlecruiser. Added Pepe to the mission ships. I may take down the 2nd Mammoth if it does not see enough action. The Coveter is with the mission ships as I want to be able to mine mission roids. I've managed to run Angel Extravaganza level 3. So things have been progressing on the personal development front.

On the alliance front. The holding corp is now folded into LCSC. The Dominix BPO is now at ME:10 so I'm peeling off BPC's like mad. Apogee has returned to the game and does not want to take back AMC. But the war definitely caused a reduction in pilots online within the alliance - the sacking of AEONC also didn't help that aspect necessary though it was. We will look into re-vitalizing this aspect of our operations at the next board meeting Sunday.

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