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Saturday, May 17, 2008

End of the war, Towers back up

And the war ended with a whimper. As has been noted, we ended up kicking out Aeon Creed due to the actions of it's CEO. Unfortunate but the CEO kinda tied my hands on that one.

As soon as the war was over the towers went right back up. Ranny (one of Teena's alts) had previously joined my corporation as a research alt. Teena took care of putting up the alliance tower (except for launching the modules since he doesn't yet have a big enough hauler). So Teena is learning all about putting up towers and managing them. For the first 24h I put up the towers at no cost to compensate the people who lost isk when the towers came down. As I expected they took full advantage of the situation to jam things up. Hope for their sake they we don't have a war and have to take things down again.

After discussing it with various CEOs, we will be folding the alliance holding corp into LCSC. This Saturday, I will be requesting that all CEOs select LCSC as the executor corp and moving all assets into LCSC and then winding down AMC Holdings.

This will allow for the consolidation of the corporations and a reduction in alliance monthly fees as we work towards the future. Sp4m has formed his new corporation and the 24h waiting period should be over today. This gives me hope that our combat wing is finally re-forming and we'll be able to move forward as an alliance finally.

In other news, I now fly a Covetor for mining belts and am now able to fly a Mackinaw. By some time today I'll be able to fly a Hulk although affording one is... problematic till I do some mining.

Now I need to get posting some stuff in the alliance forum.

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