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Sunday, June 15, 2008

HULK SMASH! (roids)

I finally picked up my Hulk. Mmmmmm. Roid crunching goodness. I need to get plagioclase and omber tech 2 skills but appart from that - it's good to go. I'm still grinding my way thru to ice refining. But that will come.

In other news I now have 5 NPC corporations where I have no taxes when I refine. I've moved my mission runners to Gelf, but although the LP is worth it, the risk is not. All missions so far have been in low sec. It's less dangerous since the advent of FW but still not "safe".

So I think I'm going to switch to a station near Vorsk (npc wise) and work on that standing wise. Probably Leisure. Since it looks like it's a nice and quiet system for mining in. We'll see.

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