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Thursday, June 26, 2008

And Ice Refines

After a few weeks of assiduously following my development plans, I can finally do perfect ice refines. I just need to clean a few things up skill wise (get tech 2 omber crystals for the strip miners) and then its on to combat skills for a while.

I also managed to re-fill my bunker again. I'm 79mil up after refill. I'm firming up my plans for the extra isk. I think I need to get a few quick extra order slots and use them to put up some mineral buy orders so that I'm not always running around hauling ungodly amounts of minerals. The other option is to have the corp eventually buy up the POS modules and the lab.

I think what I'll do is setup buy orders and if he volume is high enough, get back into cruiser production. Should I really have enough order slots I think I should get into cruiser module production and ramp up the mineral flow volume. Then I'd be able to afford to buy up the POS even while supporting buy orders for minerals

We'll see.

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