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Friday, August 9, 2013

POS repping.

So, after getting online, I managed to navigate a Scythe from where it ended up (loaned out to a fellow FW pilot with instructions: either contract it back or cover the isk).  It was contracted back but 4 jumps from the low sec station it is usually housed in.  One suicide run later and it was back in it normal home.

Then I got in a fleet that was setup to go save a POS.  That didn't work out so well, although my Exequror did survive, two caps did not.  In the words the Clear Sky's captain "It's Hot Drop O'Clock".  Note:  When you only have 2 armor logies in fleet, we can only slow down the damage, not stop it...  After a we bit of re-grouping I ended up re-shipping to a Scythe to shield rep the POS.  Then it was a bit of shield edge work while an enemy fleet tried to bash the POS, they they almost got pounced and it was back to repping the POS.  For obvious reasons we declined to loose any other caps repping a POS so the rest of the time until I left the fleet to log off, it was rep away.

Ironies of ironies, I ended up contracting out the Scythe that I did the suicide run with to another pilot to help things go faster and he ended up buying it off me.

At least I got an osprey fit out of it.

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