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Monday, August 5, 2013

Humm, Adapting.

I find myself pensive this morning.  I got back to EVE in a fairly big way this weekend.  Between moving new hulls around and getting ships from point A to point B (by various and assorted means).  I actually got around to using my alt quite a bit.  Both for transport and for mining (passing time while waiting for a fleet to form and what not).

Between various endeavours I feel I'm finally starting to make use of my 2nd account "properly" as opposed to just skill flipping it.  The biggest change is to using it independent from my main.  I was so used to using them together since one is the cyno pilot for the other's carrier.  But you need to remember that my alt account's main character is now a 57mil SP.  He is very far from a one trick pony.

So I set up a Venture for him a few weeks ago.  Just to see what that's like.  I finally got around to using it in "anger" this weekend.  Not a bad little ship.  about 15min "cycle" time (station to station) if you're paying attention.  And it's cargo bay is just about the right size that you can arrive at a belt, target 2 rocks and come back in 10min with a full ore hold.  Very nice.  These days that works out to 675k isk per hold full except for Scordite which is just under 850k isk (mine all the scordite).  That's for the base ores.  In a venture you are mobile enough to cherry pick the +5% and +10% ores.  A real newbie will take longer but it really shouldn't take long to mine up the replacement value of your Venture.

By the end of the weekend my main had gotten in on the late sunday POS bash (followed by engagement with Sniggwaffe(Sniggwaffle?)).  And my alt between mining and other hauling work for my main managed to get himself into a Retriever.  (7 times the hold size with about a 35min "cycle") time.  It's not as hands off as the venture though.

Other stuff in the winds, but nothing concrete yet.

Still all in all feeling good about the weekend.

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