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Monday, August 19, 2013

And two Scythes bite the bullet.

After an attempt by the corp CEO to get a hub bash going, it was decided to fold our small fleet into a larger fleet that was going after other targets.  Amusingly enough we initially started out in gank thrashers and a lone bait Hurricane appeared on grid.  With 5 Thrashers and a Heretic it's shields vanished with surprising rapidity.  At which point it's damage intake slowed to a crawl and the Guardians and Harbingers jumped in.  We obviously bail although one of the Thrashers didn't make it out (tackled by the Hurricane).  Obvious bait cane is obvious.

Then we re-ship to join the larger fleet.  Guess who we tangle with again?  yep C.L.O.N.E. again.  This time I loose the Scythe I'm in.  The fleet commander dis-engages and asks for some re-ships so that we may engage these guys and take out the Guardians.  4 Scythes and 3 Blackbirds (Amarr targeted obviously) make up the key composition.  Once again I'm in a Scythe.  This time I go down 3rd in line.  But the Scythes kept the Blackbirds alive long enough for the assault frigates to kill the enemy Guardians.  Apparently one hero Scythe and one Blackbird survived the main engagement.  For 4 Guardian kills.


All in all I don't mind loosing ships when we're getting exchanges like that.  Figure the average Scythe is about 20mil (hull, fittings and drones) and the Blackbirds were being valued at about 13mil each.  The Guardians were apparently worth about 136 mil each.  (according to eve-kill, here).

Once the Guardians were down the AFs went to after the Hurricanes and Harbingers.  We ended up with control of the field.  And all told I think it's obvious we won the Isk war in that engagement.  Although I'm left with some supply logistics work to get some Scythe hulls (and fitting kits) to the war zone.

In an aside issue, I just noticed that there is currently an over supply of Scythes in Dodixie.  As evidenced by their under mineral value sell prices.  Note to: self buy the hulls in Dodixie until the price goes above mineral value.  I assume we're still burning thru the pre-(Scythe re-ballance) supply of hulls (when Scythes were only worth something like 2.5-3 mil each).

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Sugar Kyle said...

How many guardians did they field? And did your blackbird jam them out?